New Feedback page for EGL Comm Sales!!
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Here is my new EGL feedback page.

Thanks for posting

*NOTE* this is used ONLY for sales and purchases made on the EGL Comm Sales page. I have another feedback page if that is needed, i will make sure to post it :3

Neko Ami-Chan Steampunk

Anyone who has anything to say about me buying or selling please post here :D

Thank you for any feedback/input or constructive criticism. It's all appreciated.

Mana Cosplay 2011
Neko Takuya Cyber

It's that time again kiddies where I make another Mana-sama cosplay. This year from a collection of votes i'm doing one of the outfits worn from the Bara no Seidou era. The name of the song fleets me but it's long and in Japanese. If anyone asks about it i'll be sure to let you know. There is a PV in which the outfit is worn for and is also worn at length in concert. Pretty normal for a Malice Mizer outfit. I'll be posting some of the original here so you can get an idea. I've had to do lots of custom work to this one compared to my Gardenia cosplay. I do hope everyone coming to Katsucon 2011 will get to see me wear it on Saturday as i did with my Gardenia cosplay last year. Please feel free and critique me on my work as I do value everyone's honest opinion.

Thank you all for your support :3

*sorry if they are a bit dark. It was really hard getting a good view of the full outfit but hopefully I do it justice. Gotta make the Maestro proud :3

Cyber Goth Skirts GOTTA GO!!
Neko Ami-Chan Otakon
Don't wanna have to let them go but I needs the money
I have a cat. I do not smoke.
All items will be laundered before shipping.
Prices in US Dollars
I am willing to do holds but for only up to 7 days.
I am open to offers but trades are VERY limited.
Items will be shipped after payment has been received.
Shipping within the US is included - $10 more for International shipping
I will gladly answer any questions you have :3
Thanks for looking!

Casual Cyber skirt - $15

TRIPP One Legged Pant/Skirt - $35

TRIPP Convertible Skirt - Bottom un-zipps from the top so it can be worn as a mini. - $35

TRIPP Convertible Skirt - Bottom can un-zipp from the top to be worn as a mini skirt - $35

MACGIRL Screw & Ring Skirt - $25

MACGIRL Hook & Eye Skirt - $25

Nekocon 2010, Anime USA 2010, Takuya Angel, Sound Bee HD and 12012!!
Neko Ami-Chan Nekocon 2009


Excitement is taking over my every being but with that said so much is left unfinished. I have so many things to finish as far as costumes are concered. I have things to remember to pack to deliver to people as well as things to ship to people before the weekend shows up. NOT TO MENTION HALLOWEEN IS THIS SUNDAY AND I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!! Me of all people have nothig to wear on Halloween...Looks like i'm dragging out Mana for one last go for the year.

It'll be sad to have to put him away for a while but i'll me making room for another for Katsucon next year as I will continue to do so all the other years i plan on going to Katsucon :)

Nekocon 2010 is gonna have an AWESOME band called Sound Bee HD coming from Japan making their first American Debut at this awesome little con that could :D Brought to you by Tainted Reality and Starwave Records

Anime USA is gonna have DJ/Designer Takuya Angel - THE MAN HIMSELF FINALLY ON THE EAST COAST!! Also brought to you by Tainted Reality and Darkest Labriynth Records.
Anime USA is also gonna have 12012. A Vkei/Jrock band that i'm very excited to hear and see live. It's gonna be supah sweet for the end of this year!!

SO. Recap on what I have to do in the next few days:

-Ship off a wig to a friend (gotta be done today)
-Get the finishing touches done on Falls and Costume Jacket for a friend for Nekocon (should've been done much sooner)
-Finish the top for a secret cosplay between me and a friend for Nekocon (must be done by the end of this week)
-Finish working on another top for said secret cosplay as mentioned above (also must be done by the end of this week)
-Purchase final items{feathers, flowers and bun cover} for said cosplay as mentioned above (gonna do that today or by the end of this week)

-Put lining and trim on the jacket
-Sew on Appliques
-Make the overskirt and sashes and add trim & appliques to them
-Send money for wig to be finished
-Get boots fixed (not the ones i want to use but they will have to do for now. I'm using my Kaya boots)
-Find Gloves and blue contacs
-Find and print a photo of Jasmine You to go into the Locket i'm wearing with the outfit.

~Teru loved Jasmine like a brother and Jasmine the same to him. During his eulegy his speach/letter was the most heart-felt and sincere. It even made himself cry. This costume is important since it's my first real tribute to Jasmine You. I'll be doing a Jasmine You cosplay sometime in the future but when I don't know. I have to find the strength to actually be up for it. I know what outfit I want to do but now it's a matter of when. That costume will probably be the only one I wear that year or it'll be on that I bring to every con I go to that year.

SO! There's my story so far. Hopefully i'll remember to post more as the coming weeks go by :D

Nothin Crazy or New
Neko Takuya Cyber

Kaya Ver 2.0 is coming along nicely. Juka is almost fully cut out and ready for stitching. Reversible Renn Faire bodice is getting it's first pieces of boning. Teru is getting revamped and is gonna be HOT at Otakon. Mana is due for touch-ups and repairs but is ready for the Prom on Saturday. Now what to wear to Goth Prom on Sunday...

Neko Takuya Cyber

SO this past few weeks have been pretty exciting for me. I've gotten my Hakama Shorts from vizjewl, My Gatsby from a friend which works great on my hair, My order i made with Takuya Angel in February, AND my prize winning from a cosplay costume contest in DC ~ gift card to Amazon that was spent on guessed it.... MALICE MIZER music!!!


My current Takuya Angel collection:

Takuya also gave me his DJ setlist #6 and it's AMAZING!!

I also have these:

Yes I'm squinting cuz it was bright out and yes that is a bottle of Ramune in my hand XD I need a better outfit to go with these but i'm sure I can whip something up before the next con I go to with those babys XD Thanks Aki <3

The CD I got was the "La Collection de Singeles" with out the music box. I'll get that one eventually ;D


Teru Teru TERU!!
Neko Takuya Cyber

Teru is finally getting worked on. It's gonna be a simpler costume but WAAAAAAY more expensive.

I have to buy bridal fabric just for the applique's. Not looking forward to all that but i hope to make it through.

Back from Tekkoshocon!
Neko Takuya Cyber
Well Now,

Tekkoshocon was really fun indeed. Not exactly the drive I wanna do again but I love Suicide Ali and am now in love with Luzmelt. They both have a unique stage presence that is so different but fun to watch and interact with.

I got to meet all of them and even got to play Rock Band with Asuka and Kaie of Luzmelt.

For their first time in the US they were pretty happy. We as the fans couldn't believe what a show they put on for us. I just can't describe it unless you were there. There was crowd wrangling and the band did some crowd surfing and it was just sheer pleasure pandemonium!!

Check them out!! They're on Myspace and Facebook: Suicde Ali and Luzmelt ;D



Neko Takuya Cyber

I was in a cosplay contest today in hopes to win Otakon passes. Sadly I didn't win but it was ALLOT of fun. I was shocked at how "simple" the cosplay was. I think my friend Ellie, myself and ONE other person actually made their cosplays. I was the only Visual Kei cosplayer of course. I had to bring Mana cause it could've counted as lolita anyways.

I got 2nd Place!!!!! YATAAAAA!!!!!!!
My friends Ellie and Morgan got 1st cause of their waltzing skills. I just got up on stage and danced and pranced around like the cute little Mana-Chan i was :D I don't think i've ever gotten my picture taken by so many people in my life. Everyone was so nice about my cosplay telling me how pretty it was.

Can't wait to do it again!!


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