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nekoami_chan's Journal

23 October
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I'm a cosplayer and a Music fanatic. I also love fashion and costumes. I'm an obsessive seemstres and craftswoman (meaning i like to make things). I mostly like making hair accesories or yarn falls. On occasion i draw portraits. I'm not amazing at it but from having almost no schooling in it i'm pretty proud of everything i create.
I'm a rare breed of Goth called a Candy Goff or Perky Goff (Goff for cuteness). I'm a good mix of Cyber and Elegent Lolita with a love for stuffed animal backpacks and smiling. I'm genuinly very kind to all I come across and would like to keep it that way.
I joined LiveJournal mostly for the commisioning and for buying stuff. I might type some stuff here and there but once i've established myself you're better off contacting me on a personal level on Myspace or Facebook.